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A Message from 2035!

Thought I would give a demonstration of the productivity power that is already here, coming faster, and how it is at odds with rising prices. This video took a total of about 15 minutes with various ai tools, including for the avatar, Chat GPT for the script (with slight editing), for the voice transcription, and to put it all together. Bitcoin ensures these productivity gains flow to you...and society.


5 days ago

Jeff, your book The Price of Tomorrow describing a deflationary world changed my life. I have listened to countless hours of your interviews since then. I need you to clarify something I hear repeatedly, that bitcoin is repricing everything of value. To me, Bitcoin is not repricing (present tense) everything of value. It already has repriced (past tense) everything because the denominator is fixed at 21 million. The price of Bitcoin right now in fiat terms is approximately 43 million dollars, 900 trillion world value divided by 21 million bitcoin. It's just that the smart money hasn't figured this out yet, and Bitcoin is such an incredible bargain at 60K. I hope regular folks can understand this and get …


Jun 10

Hi Jeff, I enjoyed the New post Messsage fro 2035. Is there any way that we can take this to Spanish for Central and South América? I live in Ecuador and need content like this to help. I speak fluent Spanish (my wife is aa Ecuadorian) and can help in this effort. Please contact me at Thanx for all your great work. Steve Oak


May 14

Thank you for everything you do. You have been a HUGE inspiration to me


Dec 10, 2023

I watched you on Rich Dad Radio Channel.

Great job, very interesting. Going to.order your book tomorrow.

I started our transition years ago.


Thank you



Nov 22, 2023

Just watched your podcast with Preston Pysh about the benefits of AI and chatgp4 for all.

You and Simon Dixon have one thing in common - think in BTC not fiat. I am struggling with this concept, but now I'm aware and will continue to work on it.

Next stop - Nostr and chatgp4. Thanks for all that you do - we're living in scary, exciting times and journeying into unknown territories and your insightful talks keeps the boogeyman away.

I agree with your comments relating to Elon Musk - a brilliant inventor, communicator and entrepreneur, based on broken money and empirical outlook.

Bless you for sharing your thoughts, knowledge and ideas so badly needed in this world of corruption,…

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